Describing Out of a Box

Short description

Out of a Box is the leading WordPress development agency in the United States, offering a streamlined process, transparent and published pricing, and a proprietary WordPress dashboard


The web design industry has become extremely saturated, with countless freelancers, drag-and-drop builders, and high-priced marketing firms.  Consumers have lost any sense of what should be a fair price to pay for the kind of services they need.

Drag-and-drop builders may be right for some, but can often be frustrating to learn and deliver less than impressive results.  Freelancers from around the globe may promise low prices, but poor communication and quality may leave a client with nothing but a waste of time and resources.  Marketing agencies certainly can do a great job, but their cost is incredibly high and they rarely publicly disclose their pricing, so consumers may never really know what kind of a deal they’re getting.

Out of a Box has done away with all of that.  Our pricing is clear and transparent, and publicly available.  We have a low-cost option that even startups can afford, and a premium option that offers incredible results at a still-lower price point.  While our clients have the ability to make changes on their own, there are no technical skills required, as everything from content updates to style changes can be handled by Out of a Box.  Our proprietary WordPress dashboard allows our clients to communicate with us directly, right from within their website, ensuring excellent communication.

Out of a Box has changed the way the web design industry functions, by moving away from subjective pricing, inconsistent communication, and the “go-it-alone” approach of drag-and-drop builders.  We offer quality at a price that makes sense.

Brand assets

You can use our logo and branding where you have the right to do so, but please do not do anything that could be considered misleading – which includes altering our logo or combining them with any other graphics, or implying endorsement from or a partnership with Out of a Box without our express written consent.